Youth Hostel Jávea has space for everybody but overall for young and open minded people. If you come with children or teenagers you will feel like home thanks to our easygoing and comfortable atmosphere because we imagined our hostel to be the perfect place for meeting people and exchanging new and exciting ideas.

Ask us about all the leisure and sport activities that we provide, most of them are aimed for people of all ages but if they not… Well, let us surprise you with one of our whole family proposals : )

Who said you can’t go to a hostel with the whole family pack?

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Lo siento, estamos cerrados!
Durante la temporada baja Youth Hostel Jávea cierra temporalmente sus instalaciones para reservas individuales y acepta únicamente peticiones de de grupos a partir de 30 personas. Si ese es vuestro caso, por favor, escribidnos a info@hosteljavea.es para más información. Nos vemos en verano!